Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Earthquakes, Pictures and Friends

To begin somewhere near the beginning, this is a photo of a plaster sculpture in the museum in the little village.  This city was renowned for its plaster work centuries ago, and there is a small museum in the center of town.  The Ghidotti's  are a pretty well known family in Grass valley, and their family is also very famous here in Coreglia.  I thought this was one of the ost beautiful sculptures.

Did I mention that my HOUSE is in the museum as well.  As humble as it is today, it was once the home of one of the lords of this village, and it is pictured and written about quite extensively.  It was pretty cool to walk in the museum and see the house I'm living in pictured up on the walls.

AS TO EARTHQUAKES, thankfully I am not impacted by them here.  I read that there was another one yesterday and that 15 people were killed.  I also heard that people are afraid to go back into homes and buildings, that they're sleeping outside, and that numerous ancient structures were either destroyed or damaged.  I feel sorry for all those people and hope that the ground stops shaking soon.

These hills and the clouds that surround them change constantly.  I never get tired of sitting on my little balcony and watching the clouds move around.  They change shape, color and texture by the minute.    It is one of the simple pleasures of my day.

Lucca is a city filled with people, shops and bicycles!  On one of my many trips there to try to straighten out my internet situation, I came across bicycles of all kinds, parked here and there.  Some all new and shiny and some quite old.
When I see bicycles, I think of Alyssa.

When jackie and Sharon were with me, we drove over to Cinque Terra for the day.  We were lucky to get a sunny day, since it was cold and/or raining almost the entire time they were here.  Although this is probably one of the most common shots of the area, it's still one of my favorite views.

Also taken at Cinque Terre, I wanted to re-post this one because I was previously only able to post it on facebook - it was during that time when I had fried my MAC cord, then once I got one I could not access the blog, blah blah blah.  But this is an amazing structure buit from rocks and I wanted to share it again.
I loved this little grandma sitting on the wall with her sassy shoes and handbag.  When she wasn't watching I took her picture.

I have a few more pictures, some pretty amazing ones of a bridge called the devil's bridge, but my internet is acting up again.  A constant here.

My friends Janet and Russell left today and I was sorry to see them go, we had fun together doing simple things like walking, having a picnic, and going to the graveyard at night to see all the lighted gravesites.  I have some awesome pictures of the cemetery as well, but better sign off for now.

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you are well and enjoying your day.  Ciao!