Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Today I awoke real nearly with a mission - clean the house, mop the floors, do some wash, clean the refrigerator - just like home but 6,000 miles from Grass Valley.  Afterward I showered and dressed and went in search of wifi in the next town.  Although I was unsuccessful (it's hard to drive, read the signs, translate from Italian into English) and not crash into something.  However, I did find a great grocery store and stocked up on some things.  I should be able to hang around the house for a few days, study and do some art.

As I sit here thinking about how I just tried to upload a photo to no avail, I can see a pretty good sized lizard climbing up the wall of the little church across the street.  Later I am going to try to sketch the scene outside my window.  Lots going on out there.

I arrived May 2 to rain, wicked cold and a house that is only heated by a fireplace.  Just little more than a week later it is now getting hot and I am thankful that the house remains cool all throughout the day.  Last night I slept with the windows open and it was wonderful.

I am still trying to make the house my own, but I seem to be challenged by access to things.  I really need to venture out to a flea market or something - if I could only get internet to google things I would be so much better off.  I managed to find a fabric store and have begun recovering some pillows, and will make some chair covers.  I am sewing by hand, so it takes some time.

Tomorrow I will go to church, not because I am religious but because I want to respect the culture of this village.  It's not like I've never been to church.  I was, after all, raised Catholic.

I am not going to try to upload a picture, having just tried and failed.  I WILL try to find wifi and see if I can get some pictures up here.  Interestingly, I did manage to get a couple up on facebook.  Go figure.  Bye for now - off to do some sketching.


  1. ... Church .... can mean many different things ... hope you enjoy both the beauty and perhaps the simplicity of the day


  2. Indeed Curtis. The little church just outside my window is famous for its painting over the alter. I think I will go there and light a candle for my Mom, Grandmother and all the women in my life. It might rain today. Perfect day for a fire (now that I have wood) and creating some art. Have a wonderful day. Marilyn