Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Follow Up

Very quickly, I went to the next town to buy the power cord for my MAC, only to find that they did not have one.  I inquired if there was another business who might have one.  No.  The closest was in Florence.  FLORENCE!!! So I asked if he could order one for me and if I could come back and pick it up.  He said he would check.  Yes, he could.  Shall I pay now?  How will you notify me that it's in?  He wants to call me, but the number is US.  Can he text?  Yes you can.  All this in Italian.  What a trip.  In ten days I will have a European power cord for my MAC and my friend Janet will bring me one for US connection.  Sto felice!

On my way back I found what was the equivalent of a Home Depot.  Not that I was going to be installing a new toilet or buying patio furniture, but it was cool to walk around.  I managed to spend a few dollars on furniture oil, special rags, some bleach and what what. 

Also on the way back, around 4:00, school was obviously out and children were arriving home.  In the town (Fornaci di Barga) when the bus dropped them on the main drag, there were police on either side of the crosswalk, at each crosswalk, to watch over them.  Kids are kids, and as the older ones exited the bus there was a lot of pushing and shoving, boys showing off for girls, girls walking arm in arm and laughing.  So very sweet.

As I wound up to my little village, there were Moms walking with the younger kids, having obviously met their bus some distance from the house and were now walking home.  I imagine that they stop to collect the mail, ask the kids about their day while they walk, and when they get home they probably start dinner.

In some ways I am missing the "ritual" things of my usual days back in Grass Valley.  Reading my mail, watching TV with David, talking to Eric and Monica, yelling at the dog, watching the sunset.  Being alone provides a great deal of time for reflection.  Especially since there is no TV here at my house, no radio.  Just me. 


  1. How I love reading your blog posts and your pictures are fantastic! You never sease to amaze me Marilyn, you are talented in so many ways. (recovering throw pillows by hand) and adding your personal touch to your new summer home away from home. I get more excited everyday to soak up the culture and live like the locals do.. What a gift! Will email you later.

    1. Thank you Trella. It certainly has been an experience. I keep thinking I am going to stay home, study, knit, walk, whatever but I keep venturing out further and further. Tomorrow I am going to an early morning street market 20 minutes away and them I'm going to stay home and make graham crackers. See you soon!

  2. ... ahhhh time for " ... s'mores.... "


  3. Curtis, the graham crackers came out great! I handed them out around town. Maybe tomorrow I'll find out if they liked them. They probably think I'm crazy.