Thursday, May 24, 2012

(One of) My New Favorite Thing(s)

I have become addicted to fresh ricotta, with fruit jam on a slice of toast for breakfast.  FRESH ricotta is nothing at all like the stuff I usually buy in the carton at the store.  It is thick and creamy, not grainy.  Before I left for Italy I had taken to making my own ricotta and swore I would never buy the stuff in the carton again.  WELL, the little market across the street has fresh ricotta every day all day.  I am in heaven.

One of my other new favorite things is taking a walk after my dinner.  I eat earlier than the Italians do, because I am convinced that eating after 8PM makes you fat, but then they are all thin and I am, well, not.  I have a loop I make, up and around, then down and back.  It takes only about 30 minutes but is a wonderful way to end the day.  I come back, make a cup of tea and watch the people go buy, and the sun begin to set from my balcony.  As Martha would say, it's a good thing.

Lots to do today, lots of art to work on.  I want to walk down to the meticulously maintained cemetery today and sketch that sacred place.  Every grave site is decorated, or has flowers (both fresh and/or crisp new artificial flowers) or has all of that plus photos of the deceased.  These people pay tremendous respect to their dead. 

Today will be a wonderful day.  I hope yours is also.  XXOO


  1. Wish we had found that before I left. Really missing that place. Love your sketch of the house. Glad you are having a wonderful day.

    1. Oh Jackie it is the best ricotta! And with that mixed berry jam - oh my gosh. I also found coffee gellato at the Conad in Fornacci di Barga (the opposite way we go to Lucca). I stumbled upon THEIR street market today when I went to check on my power cord. Three days in a row - street markets!!! Bye for now.

  2. hmmmmm .... you would think that somewhere - anywhere --- you would be able to fine a drinkable red table wine

    oh well - if you are satisfied with the cheese and ice cream there are worse things in life ... HA