Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Routines of Life - and Tom Petty

Everything has slowed down to a comfortable pace again.  David arrived a couple days ago, and  despite TWO round trips to Pisa to get him (the first only to find out too late about an 8 hour delay) and now we have settled into life in the village.  There is a lot of sleeping in late, lazy breakfast, and lazy days.  The other night we sat outside with 100 others and watched Italy beat the hell out of Germany.  I wish you could see and hear the crowd.  They wait in tense anticipation for whatever it is that's happening on the field (I'm not a soccer fan) then literally ERUPT, leaping from their chairs, screaming and yelling and waiving their flags when Italy scores.  It is very sweet.  I think I've mentioned that when Italy wins, they drive out of town honking horns and waiving flags.  Sometimes, they circle my house making so much noise it's unbearable.  Crazy Italians.

Last night I took David to a concert in the walled city of Lucca  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  It was a great concert in an amazing setting.  Alyssa and I have been to a concert there before, years ago.  Alyssa and I are going to see Nora Jones at the same place later in July.  Can't wait.

Sunday night, the five of us (David, me, Alyssa and two friends) will join the entire town at Bar Roma for some important soccer match.  It should be CRAZY - and we better get there early to get a seat.  Extra chairs are being brought to the site as I write this post.  It should be a fun and exciting night.

Monday we leave for Monaco.  I have never been, and I expect it will be totally foreign to me (no pun intended) since it is the home of the rich and famous.  David wanted to check it out since he has family there.  I want to see Positano, which is the opposite direction, so maybe Alyssa and I will go there after David leaves.

I have more photos to upload and edit, and will do so perhaps tomorrow.  For now, I will just post a couple of my favorites.  Ciao for now!!


  1. wow... sounds like great times all around in italy. I have been a bad friend and haven't written recently, so... here it is. miss you crafty girl!!!

    1. I miss your face Lindsay!! I will be sad to leave but happy to get back to my studio, BF and artsy stuff. Let's plan to get together when I get back - come on over and take a swim, have a cold beverage and plan our next moves. See you soon. P.S you and my sister sent me so much mail that the postman now delivers it to my door, not to the "c/o" address!! Thank you friend!