Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All About Me - Briefly

My friend Nathaniel is visiting and we've been running around to street markets, having a Tuscan lunch by a stream, walking around Barga and having a grand time.  But for right now, I am simply going to post some pictures of things that occupied my time while I was alone.  Some I stole shamelessly, others are entirely my own.  Enjoy!

Variou sketches.

Some pieces of silly art I created for my guest rooms..  The Johnny Depp phrase was stolen from Pinterest, but the scribbles are my own.

Have a great day! CIAO!!


  1. lovely... i especially love the one of the villa across the street. Keep up the good work...

  2. Thank you Lindsay. Today we were in Lucca for hours, walking around, visiting a botanical garden, eating pizza. So relaxing. Flat Gina Sophia Fanny was there, I'll send you a pic on your blog. Thanks for checking in - CIAO