Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Checking in - And New Friends Arriving!

I have been busy with my friends Nathaniel, then Mona, running around, getting lost, finding markets and eating picnic lunches and exploring.  Tomorrow, the rest of my "kindergarden girlfriends" arrive, and the there will be 6 women wandering around the village.  I'm sure we will cause some talk around town.

Here are some of the most recent discoveries, and some of the beautiful places I have encountered just walking or driving around.  I hope you like them.

OH YES - my daughter Alyssa arrives next week sometime as well.  Let the party begin....

Right next door in the next village, Ghivizzano, Mona and I crawled ALL OVER their inner town and castle.  It was awesome and we found the most amazing things and simple beauty.

A simple yet inviting doorway.  I met the sweetest young girl named Angelica riding her bicycle around the village.  She greeted Mona with a "hi" instead of CIAO!  She must have known were American.

An AMAZING old doorway.  The homeowner of course has a new door as the entrance to their beautiful home, but I love that they kept the original door to preserve the history of the home.

Another inviting entrance.  This was a really interesting village.  It literally is a castle, inside which a small town has emerged, inside which there are many converted places which are now private residences  Of course this took place over many many years, as it was once a castle.  It is one of the most interesting finds so far, and right next door!!!

I hope you find amazing things to look at where you are.  CIAO!


  1. Soooo glad that your adventure is progressing nicely !!

    And to have Mona and your school chums along for the ride has got to be awesome.

    Take some pics of the veggie markets for me as I would love to see that.

    And as always we have the 100 degree back here in Norcal.

    Kind regards Curtis

  2. hmmm....

    6 days now and no updates !!

    methinks the party is going strong ..... LOL

    glad you are having a fun time with everyone

    kind regards


  3. the colors are fabulous... love all the doors and windows.
    miss ya!!!