Friday, March 16, 2012

Journal It! -  A Visual Experience

I am a sap for journals - big ones, small ones, fancy ones, homemade ones - I love journals and the idea of keeping a journal.

Anyone can keep one.  A blog is a public journal (assuming anyone reads it) and they're great.  But the look and feel of a physical journal cannot be beat.

I have been working on three journals for the upcoming trip.  I'll use them to sketch things I see, and to write what I feel in the moment.  Take a look:

So easy to make.  No special tools required and no special paper required.  Every piece of these was gathered from a scrap pile, from magazines, newspapers, scraps of paper, envelopes - you get the idea.  

Take a look inside:

More inside pics:

With a little paint, scraps of paper  and  some creativity anyone can produce a journal perfect for capturing memories of your trip.

But don't limit their use to travel.  Use it to chronicle anything - your garden, walks through your neighborhood, random thoughts - anything of interest to you.

There are a zillion web references for journals - I'm not going to go into it here.  Google "art journals" and you will find many great examples, tutorials and experts on the matter.

Two of these journals I will use to chronicle my experiences, and one I'll use for guests to write in.

I will have a lot of guests this summer.

SO!  Get loose, get creative.  Gather up a bunch of "junk" paper, some paint, some pens and whatever and "smash" a journal together.  Tie it together with string or bind it with a few rings.   It is insanely fun and easy so give it a try.

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